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Suzuki’s Ertiga and Dzire bundles elegance and efficiency for various drivers

Whether one looks for a car to begin his or her driving experience, or a vehicle to conveniently drive his or her family, Suzuki has the fitting models to suit their preferences.

Practical and efficient without sacrificing style, the Ertiga and the modern Filipino family make a perfect match. This seven-seater creates a strong impression through its attractive exterior, characterized by a smooth and elegant body with a distinctive personality, generating pride and family joy among its owners. Further making the Ertiga distinctive among other multi-purpose vehicles are its taller and wide nose, dynamic shoulder line, deeper curves, aerodynamic body, and refined chrome accents.

Ertiga also comes with an elegant black interior that optimizes comfort and convenience for the driver and the family while taking style and luxury to a higher level. Upping this interior are its 10-inch Touch Panel Audio System (GLX), keyless push start system, and woodgrain designs on interior panels and door trims.

Moreover, Ertiga proves its efficiency by its good fuel economy, which is at 20.51 kilometers per liter (Km/L), as observed by Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP).

When new needs arise, the Ertiga provides a practical solution. Its flexible seating can easily be adjusted to comfortably accommodate friends, family, and large amounts of luggage.


Safety is a must in vehicles, and the Ertiga is fully equipped with solid safety measures that bolster peace of mind in drivers. These include the SRS Airbag System for the driver and front passenger; reverse parking sensor that warns the driver of detected obstacles; highly protective body with Suzuki’s advanced Total Effective Control Technology (TECT); pedestrian injury mitigating body; and child seat anchorage.

Ertiga offers stylish headlamps with a taller and stronger nose design

All of Ertiga’s external elegance and interior convenience can be availed in Ertiga’s Black Edition variants: Ertiga GA – MT (priced at P738,000); Ertiga GL – MT (P858,000); Ertiga GL – AT (P898,000); Ertiga GLX – AT (P988,000); Ertiga 1.5 GA – MT (P743,000); Ertiga 1.5 GL – MT Upgrade (P863,000); Ertiga 1.5 GL – AT Upgrade (P903,000); and Ertiga 1.5 GLX – AT Upgrade (P993,000).

Ertiga’s cabin is a balance between elegance and functionality designed to optimize a full driving experience

For other particular needs of motorists — whether first car buyers or experienced drivers — Suzuki offers its competitive Dzire model.

For instance, the Dzire MT variant, with its five-speed manual transmission, is a good option for first-time car buyers. The Dzire AGS variant, with its auto gear shift or automatic-manual feature, caters to those who are used to automatic driving but would still want to have control of a manual transmission when necessary. On the other hand, the Dzire GA variant is a great choice for motorists who ride for sales, transport network vehicle services, and taxi services.

Suzuki Dzire utilizes its space for functionality and more leg room

The Dzire is also a fitting choice not only for its usability but also for its higher fuel efficiency rating —25.81 Km/L for the AGS variant and 26.54 Km/Li for the MT variant, as observed by AAP.

Instrument panel for Suzuki DZIRE

Nonetheless, all these variants carry a refreshed design form that accentuates a signature sedan style with its sleek and elegant lines. Its front incorporates a wide-open grille with an aggressive bumper that truly fits in with the authentic sedan styling, while the smooth flow of its roofline, cabin, and the surrounding area gives Dzire a sleek character. Adding to this sleek form of the five-seater are its multi-reflector headlamp, fog lamps (for GL+ variants), rear combination lamps with LED, and 15-inch alloy wheels.

Complementing this sleekness is its instrument panel that is sophisticatedly designed with silver accents and wide solid contours, as well as its patterned high-grade fabric on its upholstery.

Suzuki’s Dzire is also characterized by its smart packaging which demonstrates easy-to-handle compact dimensions and expanded storage capacity, resulting in better utilization of space across the vehicle.

Suzuki Dzire is available in 10 colors with 3 variant

The Dzire is also fitting not just for first-time car buyers or drivers who prefer sedans. Dzire is also a great choice for motorists who usually take the road with friends, those who want to make their fuel expenses count, or those who like a quick getaway a few miles away from the Metro.

Dzire’s variants are priced as follows: Dzire GA 1.2L – M/T at P549,900, Dzire GL 1.2L – M/T at P638,000, and Dzire GL+ 1.2L Auto Gear Shift (AGS) at P698,000.

With the Dzire and Ertiga, Suzuki offers a stylish, efficient, and convenient driving experience for drivers of various levels.

Suzuki Philippines is also giving away one out of 10 Suzuki Skydrive 125 Fi motorcycles for anyone who purchases any Suzuki Ertiga variant under its “Dealightful Wheels Wave 2” promo, which runs from November 1 – 30, 2020. The raffle draw will be on December 9. Visit for details about the promo, as well as to learn more about Suzuki Ertiga and Dzire.